Integral Youth Gathering

May, 2024 – Co-creating our world

We are weaving a space to co-create and emerge what we want to see in the world – individually and collectively. We are deliberately choosing how we want to relate and create – we call this our “intentional culture”.

Three core aspects of this are:

  • self-initiating meeting our personal needs;
  • diving deeper into our sense and practice of sovereignty;
  • offering our gifts to be shared with others.

Across the four days of our gathering, we will initiate a range of intentional settings, such as We-Spaces like Authentic Relating™, Integral Life Practice sessions or Ecstatic Dance. Our reference point and common language is Integral Theory, as started by Ken Wilber.

We see our space as enabling us to access more of ourselves, as well as our dreams, desires, and gifts. You are invited to become present to what is present to your heart, body and mind – and initiate what you want to see in the world based on that.

You can look forward to:

  • inner freedom while all your physical needs are met
  • intentional relating
  • deliberate space for co-creation

Official website (including who the co-leads are):

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