A paradise on the eastern edge of the Alps

In the enchanting region "Bucklige Welt" there is a contemporary monastery.

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Fate led us to this special place one hour south of Vienna

For four years, Udo and Claudia travelled all over Europe, visiting a wide variety of properties. Their vision: a contemporary monastery in the middle of nature. Up on one of the thousand hills of the enchanting region Bucklige Welt, they found what they were looking for. The former hotel is now called "Kloster NaturSinne". It is an ideal place for nature-based retreats, sabbaticals, co-working, health services and ecological gardening.


3.5 hectares in size and located in southern Lower Austria on the border with Styria. The monastery can be reached from Vienna and Graz in about an hour. It is a healing place with its own forest and meadows. The solitary location invites you to retreat from stressful everyday life, to silence, meditation and community.

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House Stay with us as a guest

The centerpiece of the property is the old wooden house, visible from afar over the hills. It was built in the 1930s. The adjoining new building houses the large double rooms and the seminar room.

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View Overlooking the hills

Kloster NaturSinne is located on the hill with the most beautiful view in the whole region - at least that's how it seems to us. When there is foggy soup in the lowlands and in Vienna, the sun shines in the mountains and we have a clear view.

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Forest Listen to the sounds of nature

On our property we have our own forest with a beautiful mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees. Here grow blueberries, which thrive only on primary rock. We can also harvest blackberries, raspberries and mushrooms.

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Stone circle Celebrate rituals and dance around the fire

Our power place is used for various rituals and celebrations of the annual cycle. Guest students from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna have built a stone circle for us and modeled the fireplace in creative detail.

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Garden Relax and unwind

In our garden you can take a sun bath, relax or have a nice chat. Here flowers thrive and on our large terrace next door you can enjoy your meal in the warm season.

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Green areas Jump into the water and practice headstand

On our premises there are many possibilities to move and do sports. We have space for all kinds of outdoor activities - meditation, yoga, ball games or swimming in our 1.400 square meter large natural pond.

Rooms for body, mind and soul

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Entrance hall Come in and be our guest

A warm welcome in marble, copper, gold and a tree of life.

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Library Feel at home - here and in the world

A room of silence, where you can comfortably read or listen to music.

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Treatment rooms Soothing for body and soul

A massage room and a room for therapeutic treatment in the wooden house.

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Chapel Meditate, sing and be in silence

Also called sacred space. This is where our meditations take place when we don't have a larger group in the house. The chapel is a place of silence for up to 12 people.

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Seminar room Dancing, sharing and rituals

The seminar room is about 120 square meters and flooded with light. It has a beautiful wooden floor, music system, yoga mats, cushions and can be divided into two rooms by loden curtains.

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Foyer Relaxing and talking mindfully

This room connects the chapel and the seminar room with the entrance area. Here you can read, work or talk and eat in mindfulness for two.

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Dining rooms

Up to 70 people can enjoy their meals at the same time in the various dining areas.

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Tavern Happy Socializing

This is the social center of the house. Here we eat, chat and play music.

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Eating in Silence Calm and aesthetic

Here you can eat alone or with others in silence, work or unwind.

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Tiled stove room Traditional tranquility

This cozy room is restored as it was built 85 years ago.

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In our house there are 30 double and 20 single rooms. The rooms are simple and comfortable. Each room has its own bathroom and toilet. Long-term residents can furnish their own room as they wish.

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Small room retro

A 10 sqm retro single room in the wooden house with carpeted floor.

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Small room new

A 10 sqm renovated single room in the wooden house.

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Medium room retro

A 16 sqm retro double room in the new building with balcony and forest view.

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Medium room new

A 16 sqm renovated double room in the new building with balcony and forest view.

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Large room retro

A 25 sqm retro double room in the new building with balcony and view over the hills.

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Large room new

A 25 sqm renovated double room in the new building with balcony and view over the hills.


Swimming in our natural bathing pond

The biological self-purification of our pond is done by the plants. Adults who become members of our non-profit association "Ark NaturSinne" can take a bath.

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Pond construction

Within a few weeks, the 1,400 square meter large natural bathing pond was built - thanks to the full commitment of all those involved.

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Harvesting lavender, thyme and sage

Herbs for our kitchen

One advantage of living in the country is fruits, vegetables and herbs that grow right on our doorstep. We rely on permaculture, a sustainable, self-regulating way of growing. This project is in the planning stage.

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Land of 1,000 hills on the Wechsel Mountains

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An ancient cultural region Sunny hills from Mother Nature

A strongly flowing and gentle charisma - this is the region Bucklige Welt. The mentality of the people is warm, active and connecting. The area was settled early, probably since the end of the 3rd millennium BC. Today the area is characterized by its sparse development: The farms that nestle on the hills are far from each other, and in the valleys there is still an evolved village life. In few regions of Europe is there so much space for meadows, forests and nature.


Feel your own wilderness

Hiking, vision quest, forest bathing

Walking through the woods, cycling across meadows

Right from our house you can start: roaming the woods and hiking across the fields. If you are on top of a "hump", you have a magical view over the hilly landscape. If you are between two "humps", you can wade through streams and follow the game trail. In the nearby Wechsel Mountains there are the so-called "Wexltrails" - a paradise for mountain bikers. This region is also perfect for forest bathing and for retreats with vision quests lasting several days.

Skiing and snowshoeing

Strap on the skis

In winter, when there is a thick blanket of fog over the cities and the lowlands, in the mountain regions the sun comes through and conjures up a glitter on the snow. You can reach the The ski resorts and cross-country skiing trails of the Wechsel Mountains in about half an hour by car. Snowshoeing and ski touring is even possible from Kloster NaturSinne when the snow conditions are right. Afterwards you can enjoy a cup of tea.

Seeking the old ways

Explore power places

There are numerous places of power in the region: ancient stone circles, springs, forest clearings. If you have a sense for it, you can get in touch with the healing energies of nature and the four elements in the forests of the Bucklige Welt: Fire, Water, Earth, Air. We regularly stray out to gather herbs, berries and mushrooms, to build cairns, to meditate in the forest and to have a rendezvous with gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines. Brother Sun and Sister Moon watch us lovingly.

Working in the forest and garden

Being in contact with plants and animals

Digging in the earth with your hands. Watching plants and animals grow. Lovingly preparing what you have harvested yourself. Feeling the rhythm of life. Those are deeply satisfying experiences - especially in our time, in which many of us lead a clocked, externally determined life. With us you can reflect on the essentials and ground yourself.

Practicing leisure

Simply relax

To dispose of one's own time, to connect with your soul, to daydream, to leave the thoughts flow - this is beneficial for many people in our overactive, strongly outwardly directed time. Taking care of the inner life is important for mental health and spiritual development. Feelings can be processed, imaginations can be developed and intuition can be trained. When we are deeply relaxed, inner world and outer world are balanced and connected - and we are whole again.

+43 (0)681 10379488


Kampichl 60, 2871 Zöbern, Austria

Office hours
Mo, We, Fr 9.00-12.00

Mi and So at 3pm with registration


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