Health weeks ∼ Self therapy for your personality type

There are phases in life when body and soul ask to take a closer look! Whether it's a chronic illness, psychological complaints or a life crisis - many symptoms have a deeper meaning. Each of the 10 personality types (e.g. the "Conscientious", "Attached", "Impulsive", "Grandiose") has its characteristic sensitivities, shadow aspects and development opportunities.

For this process of self-knowledge, a time out from everyday life is recommended. Surrounded by healing nature, we accompany you for a week on your journey to yourself. We support you in discovering your resources and looking at your shadows. 

The health week includes:

  • Lectures and exercises zusymptom and meaning, depth psychology based therapy approaches, personality types and their shadows, inner conflict, getting out of the problem trance, life goals and resources.
  • our self-help discussion formatsHexagramm, DAZZ (be there, have time, listen)
  • a beneficial supporting program with forest bathing, herb tours, meals in silence, mindfulness exercises, body-oriented and art-therapeutic units (designing your own health mandala from the treasures of nature, creative writing, dance meditation, etc.).
  • participation in our monastic meditations
  • additional individual treatments (homeopathy or depth psychology), healing massages or Ayurvedic treatments

The health week is right for you if you want to

  • do not hope for a quick (miracle) cure, but want to understand the causes and the meaning of their suffering in depth.
  • want to take responsibility for their own health and would like competent guidance on how to help themselves.
  • want to develop a positive understanding of illness and health (salutogenesis) in order to deal with their suffering in a completely new way. 
  • want to make new relationship experiences in a protected, mindful, benevolent setting.

Kloster NaturSinne is a place for healthful being. Our guests can make use of the health-promoting framework conditions (solitary location, natural swimming pond, organic garden, rooms of silence, creative rooms, meditation and conversation offers) for themselves even outside of the health weeks. To deepen the healing process, we offer extended stays. In the kitchen, attention is paid to a predominantly organic, vegan and vegetarian menu. We take individual intolerances into consideration as far as possible. 

Lead by:

Dr. med. Udo Boessmann is a specialist in psychotherapeutic medicine and general medicine, naturopathic treatment, and a lecturer in depth psychology-based psychotherapy authorized by the Medical Association of Hesse for further training.

Claudia Fabrizy, MBA, develops concepts and events for the monastery, designs spiritual spaces and rituals, and is responsible for public relations and social media.

Dr. med. Johannes Schön, is a general practitioner and specialist in naturopathic medicine. His passions are classical homeopathy and Zen Buddhism.

Tanja Shahidi is responsible for guest services and makes her own spiritual offers with her open-minded, tolerant Christian background. She always has an open ear for our guests.


Course fee: € 200 

Accommodation and meals: € 350 - € 640 depending on room category (for 7 days)

Additional offers:

Individual consultations (homeopathy or depth psychology): € 105 / hour

Healing massage / ayurvedic application: € 60 / hour

Extension week without health program: from € 350 

Stay without health program, one month or longer: from € 640 / month

You will receive the book "Symptom and Meaning" by Dr. Udo Boessmann as a gift. If desired, the book can be sent for €10 before the health week and will then be deducted from the seminar price.


June 25 - July 2, 2021

13 - 20 August 2021

Sept. 24 - Oct. 1, 2021 


Adress: Kampichl 60, 2871 Zöbern, Österreich