A new type of monastery for

Healthful Being

Retreats and Co-Working in a healing environment.

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Healthful being and what it takes

In our monastery you can lead a healthy and spiritual life in the countryside - without dogmas and with a lot of nature experience. You will find:

☆ Physician led health weeks
☆ Spaces of silence and spaces for communication
☆ Reflection on the essentials in life, deceleration and mindfulness
☆ Intact nature (forest, meadows, swimming pond, mountains, animals)
☆ Organic gardening (raised and mound beds, herb arena)
☆ Community life with clear rules and clear structure of responsibility
☆ Rituals and physical and spiritual exercises from different traditions and cultures.
☆ Opportunities for self-awareness, psychosocial learning, personal and spiritual development.
☆ Sufficient private space and opportunities for retreat
☆ The opportunity to co-create a beautiful and healing place


Delve into the depth

Leave behind the noise, the overstimulation, the demands of a busy everyday life. Come to rest and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility. Feel the essentials. Experience timelessness, sense rhythms. Listen to the voice of your soul. Make room for the sacred. Experience something deeper in all being - some call it God, the divine, the eternal, love, the depth of your soul or leave it nameless. For this, we need spaces of silence - you can find them at Kloster NaturSinne.


The important things in life

Sich ein Leben lang in einer Arbeit aufzureiben, die nicht erfüllend ist, um sich Dinge zu kaufen, die nicht befriedigen - aus dieser Spirale kann man aussteigen. Wer im Kloster NaturSinne lebt, wählt Schlichtheit. So ist es in Klöstern üblich. Jeder hat sein eigenes Zimmer mit Bad. Die Gemeinschaft im Haus legt Wert auf gesundes, überwiegend biologisches, veganes und vegetarisches Essen. Wozu sich mehr Gedanken machen? So bleibt genug Zeit, um barfuß über die Wiese zu laufen, die Sonne zu begrüßen, im Selbstversorgungsgarten mitzuarbeiten, eine Tasse Tee zu genießen und die Schönheit in den einfachen Dingen zu sehen.


In harmony with mother earth

Listening to chirping birds, smelling wood, nibbling blackberries from the garden, enjoying the greenery, helping to shape our permaculture, bathing in the natural pond - those are healing activities for body, mind and soul. Many people don't have time for this! With us, nature takes center stage: Mother Earth with her forests, meadows, flowers, fruits, stones, waters, wind and animals. Our own nature may also want to be rediscovered - our untamed life force.


The I, the You, the We

Focusing on your inner life and being in contact with something meaningful - that's also possible as a hermit. In a monastery you are embedded in community - a wonderful opportunity to experience yourself in the encounter with others, to recognize your shadows, to grow together and to learn from each other. With us, everyone can choose what they need: to be in touch with others or to take time for themselves. The range of social and emotional closeness can be varied individually.


Feeling the pulse of life

Life is about rhythm, on a large and small scale: in the seasons, the tides of the sea, in day and night, living and dying, in our needs for rest and activity, enjoyment and fasting, tension and relaxation. Can you imagine sexuality, music and dance without rhythm? Our daily life often follows a strict schedule. We lose our natural rhythms and experience stress. In the monastery you can feel the pulse of life again - while meditating, working, hiking through the woods, singing, being creative or doing nothing, completely in harmony with yourself.


Actions with a meaning

Rituals - for example, lighting a candle - can reach us on a deep, spiritual level. Their beneficial effect is known in all cultures. Rituals focus our attention on something common, they provide structure, meaning and purpose. Our modern world often lacks meaningful rituals. At the NaturSinne monastery we give rituals a space - undogmatically, playfully and yet with all seriousness.

Holy work

Make a difference in the world

Humans are creative beings. With our hands we shape the earth and with our ideas we bring new things into the world. Artists, craftsmen, cooks, gardeners and other professionals know how fulfilling it is to be in a creative flow. Work can be pure meditation. Many people are cut off from their creative power by unfavorable working conditions. With us you can experience how beautiful it is to work mindfully and creatively.

Spiritual studies

Sacred scriptures and holy literature

Throughout the ages, people have been concerned with spirituality and have passed on their insights - in oral or written tradition. Not only holy scriptures like the Bible, the Edda, the Koran or the Bhagavad Gita can be inspiring. Novels, poetry, mythology, fairy tales, fantasy, non-fiction, esoteric and self-help literature can also open up new perspectives. In our monastery there is a library where you can read in silence.

Aliveness, movement and ecstasy

Follow the wisdom of the body

Dancing, singing, making music and other bodily expressions are part of monastic life

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What we care about

This is how we treat each other.

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Our values

☆ Mutual benevolence, respect and tolerance: It may well be that in our house Christians meet Buddhists, Yogis meet atheists, Pagans meet Sufis, career-oriented meet dreamers, conservatives meet alternatives. The principle applies: honor what others hold sacred.
☆ The appreciation of the uniqueness, the special abilities and needs of each individual
☆ Mindful interaction with nature and with all living creatures
☆ Hospitality and openness to the soul
☆ Sustainable, socially and ecologically responsible management

No Go's

For which our door is closed.

☆ to avoid misunderstandings ☆

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You cannot stay with us, if

☆ you dogmatically represent only one religion or ideology, want to follow a guru or a sect. In our monastery there is no proselytizing and no manipulation. There is no belief system that is binding for everyone. The principle is: respect what is sacred to others.
☆ you want to use the monastery for political propaganda. Political disputes don't have a place in our monastery.
☆ you want to join a grassroots community.
☆ you expect your own, larger apartment as a monastery resident. We can provide you with your own room with bathroom and toilet.
☆ you need acute physical or psychological medical treatment. Kloster NaturSinne is not a clinic.
☆ you, as a resident of the monastery, would like to bring small children or dogs. We love children and dogs, but they are not compatible with our main purpose of silence and reflection.

+43 (0)681 10379488


Kampichl 60, 2871 Zöbern, Austria

Office hours
Mo, We, Fr 9.00-12.00

Info visits 
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