Team & people

Those who fill our place with life

Here we introduce the people associated with this place.

team member

Above: Udo and guest students from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. They did a garden project with us and built the stone circle and cult place.

Die Gründer

Udo Boessmann and Claudia Fabrizy spent years searching for a suitable location for a contemporary monastery. Since 2019, they have been devoting the majority of their time and energy to the monastery project on a voluntary basis.

Udo is a physician and psychotherapist. His heart's desire is healing spaces where people can naturally heal without being "fixed".

Claudia has a master's degree in business administration and was drawn to spirituality at an early age. She develops concepts, designs spaces, rituals and events and is responsible for public relations and social media.

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Management and crew

They maintain the monastic culture and make sure that everything works.

team member

Wolfgang Graf

No one is as inseparably linked to the house as Wufi. After 35 years of service, he knows the history of the former hotel and the people who lived, worked, suffered and enjoyed their lives here. Despite the busy decades, he still appears youthful. His main task is to ensure hygiene in the kitchen.

team member

Werner Nowak

Werner portrays calmness as if he had spent his whole life in a monastery. Yet he had a turbulent job as an engineer for television technology. Since Werner moved into the monastery, he has taken care of our office and the concerns of our guests with care and kindness. He loves to explore the surrounding hills on his racing bike.

team member

Tanja Shahidi

With her many years of board experience at the House of Silence near Graz, Tanja is rooted in a cosmopolitan, tolerant Christian faith tradition and therefore predestined for a leadership role at the monastery. Together with Werner, Tanja competently and graciously devotes herself to guest relations and office organization.

team member

Johannes Schön

John is a doctor of medicine, a general practitioner and a specialist in naturopathic medicine. His passions are classical homeopathy, Zen Buddhism and spiritual communities. Sensitively Johannes leads together with Udo the health offers in the monastery.

team member

Brigitta Jani

Brigitta has many years of management experience in the housekeeping of large hotels. With youthful vigor and great care, she ensures that our guests can feel comfortable in immaculately prepared rooms.

team member

Gerd Neugebauer

Not a word too much and always straightforward: that's Gerd. He's actually a carpenter, but in reality he's a handyman all-round genius. Thanks to his amiable nature, he effortlessly finds volunteers. If something is broken in the house, he almost always has a solution at hand.


Monastic life

team member

Our monastery is the right place for you if you long for

☆ a place shielded from the hustle and bustle of the world. Here you can retreat from everyday life without being lonely.
☆ Deceleration, silence, mindfulness and simplification of the daily routine.
☆ enough time to reflect on the essentials.
☆ a time-out in difficult life circumstances (e.g. professional or family overload, loneliness, city noise).
☆ Improve your physical and mental health
☆ healthy diet (part of our food is organic home-grown).
☆ mutual support with sufficient opportunities for retreat.
☆ Spirituality without dogma, without guru and without pressure to conform.
☆ the opportunity to implement your own heartfelt projects and benefit from what others have to offer.

+43 (0)681 10379488


Kampichl 60, 2871 Zöbern, Austria

Office hours
Mo, We, Fr 9.00-12.00

Info visits
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