Be a guest

Your stay at the monastery NaturSinne

Whether you book a health week, take a sabbatical or use our co-working area - we love guests and look forward to sharing and inspiration.

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Monastic life - shorter or longer stays. You can:

☆ book a single or a double room (all with private shower and toilet).
☆ enjoy three times a day the healthy, predominantly vegetarian / vegan buffet. We also have separate dining rooms, where you can eat in silence.
☆ use the communal facilities: rooms of silence and rooms for talking, a seminar room, sacred spaces, garden, forest, place of worship, natural swimming pond, workshop, studio.
☆ meditate with us three times a day and participate in our regular health & educational activities like yoga, dancing, hiking, physical exercises, sharings, etc.
☆ use our co-working areas. WLAN is available.


Prizes für individual stays

Whether in a personal crisis, as a spiritual path or as a philosophy of life - many people long for time out.

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Rent a room from €290 / month. Depending on the room category you pay:

☆ Room: € 330 to € 580 for the first month. Each additional month costs € 290 to € 500. Those who only want to stay for a week pay €190 to €475 euros. Shorter stays are only possible in exceptional cases.
☆ Food expenses: €20 for three meals per day, €250 per month for longer stays.
☆ A one-time sponsoring membership of €20 for our non-profit association "Arche Natursinne" has to be paid.
☆ The price includes the use of all common areas and many services. The stay can be extended as long as you respect the values and rules of the monastery.
☆ Working meditation: In order to guarantee favorable prices, we only have a few permanent staff. Therefore, we depend on each guest and resident to work two hours a day in the kitchen or in the house.
☆ Guests who participate in our health programs do not have to work in the house. Instead, they pay additional €20 per day.


Special offers

Medically guided

Health week

Starting in spring 2021, we will offer a scientifically and experientially based, medically supervised health program. The offer is aimed at patients with chronic, mental and psychosomatic illnesses in addition to the medical treatment that has already taken place. People in life crises - whether in mourning, after a divorce, a professional reorientation or in other difficult life situations - can also participate.

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Permaculture Training

Participate in gardening

Within the framework of our association for environmental ethics, nature and animal protection (Arche NaturSinne), we will offer professionally guided courses for permaculture starting in 2021. In this project our regular accommodation and meal prices apply. Alternatively, by arrangement, you can offset the cost of your stay by doing additional work in the garden.

Book our seminar rooms

Own seminar groups

External, already established seminar providers can use our infrastructure for their group offers: a bright seminar room with parquet floor, meditation cushions and music system as well as outdoor areas on the premises. We welcome groups of up to 25 people. Single, double and four-bed rooms are available for participants. A healthy buffet is served three times a day. For inquiries about rates and conditions, please contact our office:

Sharing and inspiration

Spiritual guests

We also welcome guests from other monasteries, religious traditions, cultures and with different spiritual approaches.

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Meditations & Activities

The monastic routine is structured by three meditation times. Participation is free of charge and not obligatory. In addition, there are daily group formats.

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Meditations daily at 7.30, 12.50 and 21.00

Morning and evening 20 min, noon 10 min; impulses and meditation or chanting.

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Daily activities Dates: see Upcoming events

Yoga, dancing, sharings, movement meditations, exercise, ice bathing, etc.

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Retreats Dates: see Upcoming events

Health weeks, spiritual retreats, fasting weeks, etc.

Healthy food

Three times a day you can enjoy our mainly vegan and vegetarian buffet. Once a week there is organic meat.

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Fresh food daily Wholesome, regional and organic quality

High quality of food is essential for our kitchen. Many foods we buy from farmers in the region.

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From our garden Own fruit, herbs and vegetables

Our vegetable garden, herb arena and own fruit growing provides us with fresh food.

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Homemade The smell of fresh bread

You can enjoy homemade spreads, jams, drinks, etc. Also bread and cakes can be baked by ourself.

Celebrating together

In the monastery we celebrate the festivals of the annual cycle and other traditional festivals of our culture.

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Info visits

You want to visit us? With pre-registration, you can join us for our midday meditation at 12:50pm and then enjoy a meal with us for a free donation. You can also join us for dinner at 6:00pm and participate in our evening meditation at 9:30pm. Registration:
Office hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 9.00-12.00

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He who looks outward dreams. He who looks inward awakens.

∼ Carl Gustav Jung ∼

+43 (0)681 10379488


Kampichl 60, 2871 Zöbern, Austria

Office hours
Mo, We, Fr 9.00-12.00

Info visits
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